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D.B. Tejani Vachnalaya

Auditorium Image
Auditorium Image

Organization has developed a isolated building for those students who don't have proper facilities at their residence. More than 3000 students can use at a time. Organization has installed CCTV cameras for monitoring and it keeps silence and discipline. Internally every hall has furnished by table box and chair for individual use. For convenience of the students we developed RO water system with cooler, fully ventilated rooms and safe entrance with emergency exit etc. we are also providing physically monitoring to maintain discipline.

Rules and Regulation of the D.B. Tejani Vachnalaya

  • Membership tenure will be one year and it will be start from 1st Jun to 31st may.
  • Reading rooms will be 24/7.
  • Pan, tobacco, smoking, chewing gum, etc are strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • The management is not responsible for any accidents occurring inside or outside the reading rooms.
  • In case if anybody is found violating the rules, the management has the right to fine or cancelled the membership.
  • Details rules and regulations given beside application form.