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શ્રી સૌરાષ્ટ્ર પટેલ કેળવણી મંડળ, સુરત
જે.ડી. ગાબાણી પુસ્તકાલય
ડી.બી. તેજાણી વાંચનાલય

About Saurashtra Patel Kelavani Mandal

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“Saurashtra Patel Kelavani Mandal, Surat was started by a group of enthusiastic youngsters ”

Saurashtra Patel Kelavani Mandal, Surat was started by a group of enthusiastic youngsters in 1976 under the guidance of Mr. Vrajlal S. Kamani to help the students of the lower socioeconomic strata by distribution of books at low cost in the form of a book bank. Late on Mr. Valjibhai Kesari , them Known batter as the Lion of Saurashtra agreed to donate a huge amount for library purpose. This led to the development of today’s J. D. Gabani Library.

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The Library was registered as a self finance public library in 19th July 2004. Later on from 17th march 2006 the library was converted as a granted city branch library. Now the library is known as Granted city library from 3rd January 2009. It land of 1594.07 square meter was given by the S.M.C. to this organization. Two big buildings were developed in these areas giving all facilities like the library, reading rooms, e-library, reference library, art gallery, auditorium and all of other activities established by the Saurashtra Patel Kelavani Mandal, Surat.

Our Services

1. General

Books or other materials taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the tables reserved for this purpose.

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2. Borrowing Entitlement

The library card is non-transferable and their loss should be immediately reported to the library.

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3. Issue and Return

The borrower may return or renew the book on or before the due date. For renewing, presentation of the material along with the booklet/tickets is necessary.

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